Ivalua NOW EMEA - 2024



Bengs is a consultancy agency based in Paris and New-York. We energize large corporations to re-invent their strategy, bring their operating model to the next level and create innovative and game-changing new businesses. Our strengths for the European and North American market are: - A mastery of procurement and finance practices, plus regulatory constraints, associated with a deep knowledge of Ivalua, as certified integrator. - A center of excellence of 20 consultant for procurement on e-procurement transformation projects with a deep understanding of the tool’s abilities and limitations through Ivalua experts - More than 20 Ivalua major projects in more than 8 countries carried for the past 6 years - The ability to develop innovative products with iValua, such as the OFAC compliancy module - A « Fast Design » approach, an agile and quick solution implementation methodology associated with interactive change management practices