Ivalua NOW EMEA - 2024

TSM | Spend Management Done Right


We are a specialist team of purchasing and procurement consultants that implement and support Spend Management applications. We have a wealth of skills, experience and knowledge, and our customers benefit from the best practice and lessons learned from the many diverse Spend Management software projects we have delivered. We are a proud and fully certified Ivalua implementation partner and Ivalua’s Reseller of the year 2021. Our preferred role is that of implementation partner, where we plan together, scope and design together and share the challenges, goals and the outcomes. We like to apply our experience through the recommendation of best practice wherever possible, with as limited an amount of customisation as possible - enough to make it function swiftly and easily without creating ‘a work of art’. Visit our website to know more about us http://tsmconsulting.uk Follow us @tsmconsulting.uk