Ivalua NOW EMEA - 2023



Touchstone Spend Management is a team of out-and-out Procurement specialist consultants, a fully certified Ivalua implementation partner and Ivalua’s Reseller of the year 2021. Our experts listen to a client’s challenges and goals, translate them into procurement processes and software modules, advising on best practice, and then implement a procurement platform solution to best match your requirements, time, budget and/or resources, knowing that one of those is likely paramount to success. Our preferred role is that of implementation partner, where we plan together, scope and design together and share the challenges, goals and the outcomes. We like to apply our experience through the recommendation of best practice wherever possible, with as limited an amount of customisation as possible - enough to make it function swiftly and easily without creating ‘a work of art’. We know how to keep-it-simple and have methodologies and fast-track plans based on standard use cases and packaged best practice. We have the experience and the real-life pragmatism to advise and shape a project, rather than simply setting out to execute a wish-list. To that end, we do expect to challenge what we may see as old behaviours or the carrying over of poor practice into your new platform.

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