Ivalua NOW EMEA - 2024


Sustainable Event Conception

As part of our efforts to continuously improve the environmental impact of our operations, and our annual series of events in particular, we are working with suppliers committed to zero waste reducing their own environmental footprint. Together, we are building an event with sustainability at heart, with a particular focus on: 
- The use of recycled, recyclable, reused, and/or reusable construction materials 
- The usage of locally based materials, equipment, teams and service providers 
- The distribution of eco friendly giveaways only

Monitored Carbon Footprint

Changing our habits was the first step, setting tangible objectives is the second. In order to improve Ivalua NOW’s environmental impact year after year, we have decided to partner up with Greenly, an audit company specialized in carbon emissions, which will provide us with a precise estimation of our event’s carbon footprint.

Zero Food Waste Commitment

Although we are extremely vigilant about the quantities we order from caterers, leftovers are common. To avoid any waste, all the leftover food will be collected our caters’ partner SAVR and redistributed to local associations we are proud to collaborate with. 
More info: https://gosavr.io/

Traveling responsibly

Despite all efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, traveling to Ivalua NOW remains without a doubt the most important source of our gas emissions. This is why we have decided to: 
- Prioritize train transportation over airplane for our teams 
- Promote public transportation 
- Set up a car sharing organisation

1 Registration = 1 Tree Planted

We are conscious that an absolute green event does not exist. So, in order to compensate and give back to the environment, we commit to planting a tree for each registration made. Thanks to our partner Treedom, we will be able to plant a whole forest in a third-world country, thus benefiting the local environment and population.