Ivalua NOW EMEA - 2024

14th March at 7pm - Place d’Armes in Versailles 

Indulge in an exquisite evening set within one of the world’s most renowned and luxurious castles, the Palace of Versailles. Enjoy privileged access to the many architectural, decorative and artistic treasures that abound in this royal residence. Savor a real king's feast and the many other surprises we have in store for you! Stay tuned for more info!

Join us for a memorable evening at the Palace of Versailles 

Nina Métayer
World Confectionner 2023

Coming from a family that passed on to her a taste for good things, it was after a yearlong school exchange in Mexico that Nina Métayer decided to train in baking and pastries, already with the idea of ​​sharing this French know-how internationally. Nina began her career in the prestigious Parisian palaces and was quickly awarded Pastry Chef of the Year two years in a row before being elected best world pastry chef in 2023.

Nina will bring us immense joy with her presence at the closing party of Ivalua NOW where she will let us taste one of her original creations!