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Johan Marchner

Volvo Group

Senior Vice-President Powertrain & Fossil-Free Materials


Johan Marchner is Senior Vice President Powertrain & Fossil-Free Materials at Volvo Group with a global Purchasing portfolio of over 4 billion euros and a team of 250 people. He began his career in the Swedish Air Force, then entered the automotive sector in 1995 at Saab Automobile / General Motors in Trollhättan, Sweden. In 1998, he arrived in France as Industrial Director at AGA/GCE. He then joined Valeo Sécurité habitacle as Purchasing Director in 2001, finally joining the Volvo Group in 2003 as Purchasing Vice-President of Vehicle Dynamics, where he took on various purchasing responsibilities for the group. Johan is an engineer from the Chalmers Polytechnic School in Gothenburg, Sweden and holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris. He was born in Sweden, he is married and has 2 children.